Losing Weight on a
Budget is Possible!

Think losing weight on a budget is impossible? Let me show you the secrets to shrinking your waistline and saving money while you do it.

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Hi there!!  Welcome to my site!! I’m Jennifer  – that’s me over there on the right (no...not the pig.) 

I guess you were searching around on the web looking for a way to help with losing weight and healthy eating.  I am also sure you found tons of websites on weight loss but I bet you would also like to save money in the process.

Now, here you are searching on our site and you may be wondering what we have to offer.  Well, let me make this easy for you.

We’re here to show you how to change your mindset to get healthy so you can shed pounds AND we will show you how to do this within YOUR budget.  Weight loss should not be expensive!!

Stick around and discover all the tools you need to reach your wellness goal!!

Does this sound like you?

·         Losing weight is your goal but you are suffering from information OVERLOAD and don’t know where to begin

·         You’ve lost weight before through a program such as Atkins or Jenny Craig only to gain the weight  back plus some

·         You’ve spent way too much money on weight loss products which promised weight loss but all you lost was your cash

·         You don’t know what to eat and you think that everything healthy = expensive and will run up your grocery bill

·         You feel like it’s been way too long since you’ve worked out you don’t know where to begin

·         You are intimidated by the “gym atmosphere” and the free weight section scares the pants off you

·         Or you work out really hard and STILL aren't losing weight

·         You barely eat and STILL aren't losing weight

·         You’re hungry all the time – and it’s always for the “wrong” food

·         Lastly…… you just can’t stay motivated for the long haul

If this is you then you are in good hands!!

Just a little FYI about me (you can read more about me here)….I am a certified personal trainer and wellness coach and in school for a second degree in Nutrition Science.  I am in school full time and I work…..full time…..and I am a mother…..and a wife…..and I am like many of you. Busy!!!  So, I can say I UNDERSTAND.

If weight loss were easy – everyone would do it!!

But, I can tell you the solution is not a big mystery and yes …… losing weight is attainable and yes ……..YOU CAN DO IT. 

Kelly was successful on a limited budget while working two jobs!

Affordable Tips for Losing Weight

Let me set a few things straight:

1.      “Weight loss happens in the kitchen, you get fit in the gym” – You may have heard this before … or not.

Nutrition is key.  In the Affordable Nutrition tab you will find out how to shop for HEALTHY foods only for LESS $$.  Recipes with 5 ingredients or less, under $5 for all ingredients and quick prep time.

 2.      Exercise ain’t expensive!!! Some of the best and most effective workouts use absolutely NO equipment.  Under the Workout Smarter tab you will find the most effective exercises for YOUR goal, reviews on the best and most affordable fitness programs, free workouts, the “must have” equipment (and I bet you have it already accessible to you) and information on how to work out SMARTER not HARDER.

 3.      Just tell me what to eat!!!  I hear this all the time.  Look, diet plans are out there all over the place. In Diets on a Budget you will find sample meal plans and tips on planning your own menu as well as evidence based research on all the diets out there on the market. 

4.  But I can't cook!!!  You will also learn how to cook - even without a recipe!! Learning to cook from scratch saves A LOT of money because you aren't relying on a recipe which requires ingredients you may not have in your home.  I will teach you how to cook using the basics and foods you typically have in your home.  Learn to take a simple recipe and CHANGE IT UP so you don't get bored with your food.

5.      No Excuses!!  That’s right.  I’ve heard them all – and really there aren’t any excuses.  In this section you will find all your motivation tips, the occasional kick in the rear, tools to change your thinking and ways to be held accountable.  Weight loss is a mental challenge – your mind dictates what you can and cannot do. 

 6.      Just the facts!!!  Losing weight can be confusing.  If you don’t know what you are doing you can really mess yourself up.  Under Facts and Tips you will find information on weight loss, nutrition, hormones and other information that will reduce all the CLUTTER and leave you with all the VALID information you need to succeed.

7.  I need tools!!  In Weight Loss Tools find out which gadgets and tools really help you lose weight and which ones only lighten your wallet.

8.      Need additional help?  Sometimes we need a bit more support to feel confident.  If you are still confused or need a more personalized approach check out my services or contact me for further information.  I will help in any way I can.

 Although this site is in its infancy it will be updated often.  Both you and I have work to do – so let’s get started!!

Come back and visit often to see the new additions and please feel free to email me with any of your needs. 

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